Have you ever wondered how all these famous YouTubers were making so much money? Here is an article that will explain to you how and show you the steps to follow to do the same!

Today, in our connected world, making money from the internet is possible and easy. Many websites like YouTube can help you make a living or extend your salary by making and uploading videos. It sounds fun, right? Therefore, here are the easy steps showing you how to make money on YouTube.

1-Create your channel on YouTube


Well, this one sounds obvious, but the first thing you have to do is create a YouTube account. Go to youtube.com and create your profile. The steps are easy to follow; seriously, even a 10-year-old can do it. Furthermore, a YouTube account is the same as a Google account. Having a YouTube channel will also give you access to Google and all its products.

2-Buy the tools you need and add great content

YouTube gives you the possibility to add all types of content. Think of what you love to do the most. Is it singing, dancing, playing an instrument, explaining a lesson, drawing? Just buy a good camera like this one, a good microphone if you need them and start making videos. Your content has to be either:

  • Entertaining (singing, playing instruments, funny stories, gags…),
  • Helping people solve a problem (tips, storytelling, experiences to avoid mistakes…)
  • Explaining something to people (courses, DIY)

In brief, it has to give a value to your viewers so they keep coming back for more of it.

My Channel lands in the first category. I like to sing and play guitar. One day I woke up and was like “I should totally share my music with people, not only the walls of my room…” and I made a Youtube channel!

What’s your talent, hobby… What do you want to make videos about? Let me know in the comment section! I would love to hear from you.

3-Keep posting and share your videos on other websites


In order to gain more views, you have to keep posting great videos. You can also share them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, do not hesitate to create a blog or a website and post them there so they gain more views. Every time you post a video, copy the link and send it to your friends, share it everywhere you go on the internet!

4-Monetize your videos


Have you ever been on YouTube, watching a video and suddenly an ad pops up? Well, that is what monetizing is all about. Enabling monetization is giving YouTube the permission to put ads on your videos. When a viewer watches this add, you can gain money from it. Just go to your YouTube channel and click on “Enable monetization”.

5-Register in Google AdSense

It is free! Go to the Google AdSense website and register. You just need a PayPal or a bank account in order to receive your money. The bigger your audience and your number of viewers are, the more money you will be able to make.

6-Constantly improve your content


Having a fair content is good. However, uploading excellent videos, using keywords and a high-quality definition is a real plus. People will enjoy watching your videos and will think you are a professional. They will subscribe and share your videos more easily and you will make more money. You can also add a little signature at the end of your videos or a small opening at the beginning of them. It will make your content look more professional and more fun to watch.

So what are you waiting for to get started? Open a YouTube channel, it is free and you will be able to make money while having so much fun! Making money online has never been easier. You can go for it if you are a student, working or even looking for a job. In fact, if you make it to the top (and I process that you can with will) you may not even need a job anymore!



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