All you need to know to create a Blog!

So… You decided to make a blog right? I am happy for you. Blogging is so much fun!

I acknowledge it can be pretty stressful and confusing at the beginning, but do not worry. I was just like that before I started myself.  I created my first blog back in 2008, when I was still very young. It was a news Blog. It was doing pretty well, but I was not very interested in writing about news anymore…

I then created a blog where I write my poems. This one is my Art blog and I created it just to share my poetry with the world. You can check it out here if you want.

Finally, I made If you still do not know the reasons why I made this blog, I suggest you read this => Reasons why I created this blog

I LOVE blogging. It is because I love writing more than anything. I am an introverted person, and that makes me love sharing things with people and make connections with them through writing easier and more enjoyable for me than making speeches or just… talking.

Now, whatever your reasons are, I am sure they are very important to you and I am glad to help you get started. Let’s move on to the first step!

1- Choose a blogging platform

The first thing you want to do is choose the best blogging platform for you. There are so many of them. However, more than half of the internet is using WordPress. I assume you know them, who doesn’t these days?

I use WordPress myself for and for my poetry blog

As you can see, the first blog of mine is a “.com” domain. It is right; I bought it and used it for my blog. However, we are going to explain how to this later.

The second blog is a “” domain name. This one is free. You can make a blog like that just by going to the WordPress website and registering with them.

And this leads us to our second point…

2- Self-Hosting or a free domain name?

A self-hosting alternative is (for example) and a free one is

There are many differences (not only in the URL).

Firstly, if you choose a free alternative, you won’t be able to get your OWN domain name. It has to be a domain name. Not cool, right?

Secondly, you cannot fully monetize your blog, and you do not have the ability to upload as many images or videos you want.

Finally, you do not own your blog. Yes, it might sound weird at first, but it is hosted on another person’s web property and they are able to delete it if they want to. This is not what you want for yourself…

Nevertheless, do not worry. Hosting your OWN website is not that pricy, I promise. Let’s move on to the next point to discover that!

3- How to choose a domain name for my Blog?

First things first, let us define “domain”. (I know you probably know, but maybe someone out there doesn’t, and I want everyone reading me to understand what I am talking about fully J )

Domain: The domain is the URL of your website. Example:

Now you have to choose a domain name. Do you have keywords in mind?

You can try mapping to come up with a name. For example, if your niche is video games, you can think further about which kind of video games.

You can still go for but as you may imagine, this domain has to be already taken. So the more precise you are, the luckier you can be finding an available domain name to use.

You can see if your domain name is availablable by simply typing it on your browser.

4- Where can I buy and host a domain name?

What is hosting? The host is the company that puts your website on the internet so everyone else can see it.

There are many companies out there. However, there are only a handful that are reliable, and give domain names and hosting at a low price.

I use BLUEHOST and I can assure you that it is the best solution out there. However don’t decide until you compare the other companies on the market. I have some good news for you now. Buehost offered to give a discount for all my readers. You just have to clik on the button below:

Use my Discount Link!

When WordPress is installed on your website, all you have to do to start blogging is go to your WP-Admin page usually and start writing by adding a new post.

Now that you got your domain name, you just have to… Start blogging: D

Well, go to your WordPress dashboard by typing your domain name like so: You may also use a “.net”, “.co” or whatever is available.

At the start, the layout looks confusing, but it gets very understandable quickly. Don’t worry!


4- Design your Blog!

There very nice FREE WordPress themes that you can chose from.  Just go to your WordPress dashboard => Themes => Chose the theme you want and click on preview. If it looks good and you like it, click on install and start customizing it.

You can also buy themes that you like. Normally they cost anything from 30$ for pretty nice themes to 80$ or more for very good ones.

You will also find many plugins to add and that will help you design your blog. I will make a whole post about this soon because, there are SO MANY.

Just know that you would better chose a theme that suits your blog and your personality, and just something you like.

Now have fun writing your first posts and customizing your blog, by choosing fonts, colors, images and all type of content that you want to add.

I hope this article was helpful and STAY TUNED for next tips about what plugins to use for your WordPress blog!



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