How to be productive? We all struggle with productivity and have asked this question at least once. Maybe some of us less than others, but we are just not robots. Every person has their personal lives, their favourite series, their favorite (bad) habits. However, one thing is for sure. We all can adopt a few tips and apply them religiously, to be a lot more productive, even the more productive of all people we know. Here are five little tips that will help you be productive and rock your game.

1 – Set your goals clearly and revisit them every morning

Do you want to be a successful freelancer? Do you want your blog to have 10.000 visitors by the end of this year? You want to pass your final exams with the highest marks? Or do you want to sell your product online?

Whatever goal you have, I am pretty sure it is meaningful and important to you. Now, I want you to remember it EVERY single morning for 5 minutes, right after you wake up, while you are still in your bed. Close your eyes and picture yourself achieving this goal. You are cheerful and so proud of yourself. It will give you a motivation boost and will make you right on track for the rest of the day!

2- You want to be productive? Fist : Get rid of your TV!!!

Oh, and by the way, if you are proud of yourself because you actually binge watch Netflix on your laptop. This isn’t any better! I’m not saying you should sell your laptop too. Although, only watch series or movies to relax, when you are done working for the day.

I usually watch one episode of my favorite series after I have dinner. If you find it difficult to do that, think about it this way. When you watch TV, you spend hours watching successful people achieving their own goals and making THEIR DREAMS come true. Why don’t you stop watching them and start doing that for yourself? Invest this time working on your own goals and be the star of your own life!

3- Do things at the right moments

Why would you hit the gym when it is sunday and it is completely full? Do things at off-peak hours and you will save so many of them!

Don’t do things when “you can” but “when you should”. For example, avoid going to the store to buy groceries when it is full of people. Instead, choose a better time. This way, you won’t loose so much time going around the store or waiting in front of the cashier’s queue and it will give you more time to be productive. You will save so much time and you won’t be nervous either. Try doing this with everything and your life will be so much better, trust me!

4- Get up early

I’m not suggesting you start getting up at 5 AM everyday. But try to get up as early as you can, from 5 to 8 AM. Even if you are a freelancer or a blogger and you don’t really “have to” because you do not have a boss or company rules. However, remember that you are your OWN BOSS now. Therefore, you should learn this useful habit.

This will make you more productive as it will give you more time to work on what matters to you. You can loosen up a bit and choose two days on the week when you wake up as late as you want to, but for the rest of the week, be an early bird and you will thank me for it.

5- Do not say Yes all the time!

I have stuggled with this issue myself for pretty much my whole life. I used to find it SO HARD to say no, especially to friends or my family members. I’m not saying you should always say no like an automate, but be selective. If you really care about that person asking, and if you have time for real and the ability to do what they need, you can accept.

However, if you are busy with work or cannot do what they ask or simply need that time for yourself (to relax or whatever is it you need) then say no. And if they truly care about you, they will not hate you for it, to the contrary. They will understand that you are a busy (Productive!) person and will respect you for that.

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Tell me more about the productivity tips you implement in your life on the comment section, I would LOVE to hear about them!




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