Firstly, I want to wish Happy New Year to all of you who follow and read my blog!

Today, I will talk to you about how to create a profile on In order to start working on, you need to create your profile, naturally. It can be a little overwhelming if you have never visited the website before. It can also take you a lot of time to figure out how to create your profile there.

I remember than a friend helped me create mine when I had just discovered the website. Thanks to him, it only took me a few minutes to get up and going. You just have to follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Go to

Go to There you have two options: you can click the signup button on the top right or click the work button at the center of the page. I highlighted them in the picture bellow. The Hire button is for employers who are looking for freelancers, so if you happen to need a freelancer for a job, you can also click there.

Step 2: Fill the form

After you click the sign-up button, you will be taken to a new page where you have to write your username, email and password. After that, click on the create account button at the end. That is it; you are registered on the website. You can also use your Facebook account to sign up.

Step 3: Go to your profile

A new freelancer has to have a complete profile. Since you still have no job history and no reviews on your profile, it needs to be 100% complete so it seems real and attracts your first clients. Click on your picture or the avatar (highlighted on the picture) and then Click on the profile tab in the menu bar as shown in the picture bellow.

Step 4: Verify your profile

Then, verify your profile by email, Facebook account, payment and phone. What it means is that, you will need to go to your email inbox and click on the link that freelancer sent you. Your profile is now email verified.

They will then send you a code on your mobile phone. You will need to enter it and your profile will be phone verified.

You will also need to log in on Facebook and enter your payment information, so your profile is also payment verified. You do not have to know anything about the “preferred freelancer program”; you can only start worrying about this one when you have enough jobs and clients. All the parts exept for preferred freelancer, should be green and checked.

Step 5: Complete Your Profile

Now, you can complete your profile page where you by entering the required information in all the sections of your profile. The Important profile sections to fill absolutely  are description, hourly rate, portfolio, skills, and resume. Clik on Edit Profile button to complete your profile. The picture bellow shows the hourly rate, the description. Scroll bellow on your freelancer profile to add your potfolio, your skills and resume.

You are now officially an online freelancer! Congratulations.

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