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Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Najwa. I am a Freelance Digital Marketer and Content Writer. I have a master’s degree in Marketing and Commercial Actions and  I work online full-time!


Why did I create Work Online Tips?

Firstly, Many friends and acquaintances ask me questions about what to do to earn money online and how I started doing so. This is how I got the idea to start WorkOnlineTips.com, which will give you tips and advice on the subject.

For some of us, the 8 am – 6 pm work day is not a solution. Don’t worry, Freelancing is an alternative and an even better way to live. You will choose your own working hours, you will have your own clients and you will be able to pick the projects you want to work on. And the best part is, the more you work, the more money you get, there is no limit!

Another reason why I decided to start this website, is that I used to look for tips and help to get started online myself for a long time before I actually started working online for real. And the amount of false information and scams I found on the internet was just hilarious! WorkOnlineTips.com will provide you with true, clear and very useful information to start working and earning your money on the internet.

Najwa Taoussi, owner of WorkOnlineTips.com

Najwa Taoussi, owner of WorkOnlineTips.com

I will share with you which websites are the best to work on and start a freelancing career, how to get your first clients, tips that will help you increase your payments, how to spot scammers and so much more.

Freelancing Online leaves me so much time to do the things I love, like playing guitar and singing. I even made a Youtube Channel where I post some of my covers. If you like acoustic covers and have some time to spare, if you want to visit my Channel: CLICK HERE

Here is one of my last covers 🙂

So let us go back to the Blog now… Here are the sections and what I will be writing in each one of them:


In this section, I will provide helpful articles or videos about getting started as a freelancer. This will be the main area of WorkOnlineTips.com. You will find information about which websites to use and how to use them, how to start earning money online, how to build your online presence, tips on improving your payments and so on.

Being a freelancer can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, from money-saving tips to the best traveling destination to work remotely, in addition to and websites you can use to make your life as a freelancer easier, you will also learn about blogging in The Blogging section.

In case you need other ways to make money online, you will find them in here: Other Money Hacks.

Want to make some quick cash on the side or some extra bucks? Visit the Quick Cash section.

What are you waiting for? Go learn how to MAKE MONEY ONLINE NOW!


Being a freelancer is not as easy as you might think. It is a good thing not having a boss controlling your life all the time. However, you will have to be YOUR OWN BOSS. Therefore, The Productivity Hacks section will contain many useful tips. You will learn how to stay organized, how to get your work done and how to be a better version of your (freelancer) self.


Being an Online Freelancer requires many tools and resources. In the Free Tools  section, I will publish lists of my favorite software, websites, helpful ebooks, photo or text editors and so much more.

To know more about me, find me:

As Helen Rowland said: “You will never win if you never begin.” So hurry up and start!





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