It is great to see that you have finally decided to really start earning money online!

If you ask yourself some of these questions:

  • How to make money online?
  • What are real and legit ways to work online?
  • How to start freelancing online?
  • Can I make a real income working from home?
  • What do I do to get started?


Then you landed on the right page.

The first thing to is to ask yourself is :

1- What services are you willing to offer online?

The first thing to do when you are just starting out is to take some time and try answering this question instead:

  • What am I good at and what do I do effortlessly and love doing?


When I first started, I had to ask myself the same question. The answer was clear in my case, as I was known to be a good writer. The only thing I have ever been really good at and loved doing at the same time was writing.

-So, what is it in your case?

Oh, and please, do not choose the easiest –and dumbest- way to answer to this question and just say: “There isn’t anything I am good at”. You have to be good at something, and believe me, there are so many possible jobs online that you will find your niche for sure!

Here are a few examples of niches or jobs you can find online: Design, Web development, Photography, Translation, Assisting people, Planning, Editing photos, Proofreading, Online marketing, Making videos… The possibilities are truly infinite.

Once you figured out what services you are willing to offer, we can move on to the next step.


2- Create an online presence on the best freelancing websites 

This is an important part. When I first started, I was really thorn apart between the numerous websites that all claimed to be “the best freelancing platforms”.

I had to narrow down my choices to only two websites. I have to say that I made and I am still making a living out of the both of them only. They are more than enough to find the best freelance jobs out there and earning money online fast.

Here is a list of the best freelancing website out there and the ones that you can really use to kick start your online freelancing career.

It is my favorite working website. I started freelancing on it. is also the website from which I make the biggest amount of money.

I will soon update articles and videos explaining the following:

  • how to create an account and start on here
  • how to start applying for jobs on here
  • how to get paid on here
  • other articles about anything related to is another amazing website that you can use. I make a pretty nice amount of money from it.

I will soon update articles and videos explaining the following:

  • how to create an account and start on here
  • how to start applying for jobs on here
  • how to get paid on here
  • Other articles about in the Freelancing TIPS section.

So stay tuned! is a freelance marketplace. They make it easy for anyone to complete projects by connecting them with expert designers, developers, producers and digital creatives. We also enable talented freelancers to make money doing what they love. Freelancers love them because they bring them a steady stream of genuine customers and make everything easy. Read more about the benefits.

I am not a designer, so I have never used this website but for my designers out there, definitely check it out. In addition to the numerous designing job offers you will find on freelancer and upwork, 99Design will be a great way to make more money online as a designer.

This website is interesting because it will help you learn new skills as a freelancer. Moreover, you can also use it to teach other people about what you know.

Do you play an instrument? Are you a web developer? Can you teach a language?

Udemy is a platform where you can post your video courses online and get paid for them. Users check out your course and pay you for it in order to visualize it. If you like teaching and have something to help the world with, create an account at Udemy and get started!

Other websites could be useful for you. However, from my experience, these two are THE ultimate websites that will really help you earn money online. I will add some other links to additional websites to use in the TOOLS & RESSOURCES section of this website. Feel free to check them out and try them.


3- Work on your cover letter and constantly improve your resume

As a freelancer, you will need to post to job offers online regularly. There are other freelancers out there, so you will need to stand out! When I first started, I made a cover letter that was different, hilarious and very original. If you are a writer, this will be an important detail, as employers will first judge your writing skills by reading your cover letter.

Also, make sure that your resume is updates. Either a word or pdf resume or your profiles on the websites you decide to work on.


4- Create a good portfolio

Now, if you are just starting out and you do not have anything to put in your portfolio, do not freak out! You can put work you made for school, essays you wrote for example, if you are a writer. I started working on freelancer and upwork with nothing on my portfolio.

However, as soon as you start getting your first jobs, do not forget to display your work on the websites and enrich your portfolio with the articles you wrote the texts you translated, the websites you developed or the videos you made…


5- Create your own Website

Every good freelancer out there should have their own website. You will be able to showcase your portfolio, present your areas of expertise and tell potential employers why they should Hire you! Here is a useful tip to get started: Bluehost does make it easier to create your website being just a single click to set up a wordpress website.

And I have GOOD NEWS for you !  they are GOOD and CHEAP! You can lauch your website for just $2.95/monthwhen you sign up for 36 months (using my discount link!). So what are you waiting for?



Do not give up, you will make money online, just like me !


I know it can be frustrating and difficult to be a new freelancer. Money will not come to you the first day, the first week sometimes even the first month. In my case, I started making money after a week, but what a week… I worked hard on my profile and spent most of my time posting to job offers on freelancing websites.

After only one week, I made my first 325$ on only one academic essay project on If I can do it, then you can for sure! Moreover, you are luckier than I am; I did not have anyone to give me tips when I started!


And don’t forget: Have fun being a freelancer!





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