Hello there!

So today, I would like to tell you about how to be more productive.

I have been, for a long time, the world’s BIGGEST procrastinator ever!

Here is the story of my life (or what it was)

• I worked on my freelancing jobs an hour or two before the final deadline, because Netflix and chill comes first, you know.
• Before traveling, I would totally freak out and work WHILE traveling (instead of enjoying my trip), and then spend a lot of time afterward catching up.
• I always felt overwhelmed.

I finally came to the harsh –but true- conclusion that I was totally lying to myself.

Therefore, I put ALL of my effort into building a habit of productivity.

Only three months later, my life is completely changed:

• I wake up early, usually eight or nine in the morning. I sleep 8 hours a night. Trust me that was a miracle for me being able to keep that habit.
• I go to the gym every three days.
• I going attending Yoga and meditation classes, every week.
• My work deliveries  to my clients are done long before the deadline.

Trust me, if I can do that, you sure as hell can!
I want you to get you there too.

You just have to dump certain bad habits.

Be Productive, set headlines and cheklists!


1- Stop multitasking : First key to being productive

Ok, you love bragging about how you can do seven things at once and being so great at it, (I used to do that too). Truth is, you can do seven things at once, but you will not be able to concentrate fully on any one of them.

Remember the last time you were reading that awesome article about a recipe, doing your makeup, talking to your friend on the phone (earplugs are a blast, right?). Oh and eating and thinking about what you are going to wear? Yes how amazing.

Actually, here is what happened. You were not concentrated on that recipe, probably stop halfway and closed the window or bookmarked it but forgot about bookmarking it (Tell me I am wrong, go ahead). You forgot putting mascara on and you did not apply your foundation on your neck (very important!). While talking to this friend you kept on pausing and giving weird replies like: So what are you up to tonight – hum, yes. In addition, you ended up wearing the first thing that you saw in your closet, or even better, what you were wearing yesterday.

There is a really easy and effective solution:


Instead of doing seven tasks at once that will take you seven hours to finish (very poorly), do only one task completely, and then do the next.

Now I know it can be hard to some of us natural multi taskers, but with time, you will see that you have better results in a shorter time and you will keep on doing one task at once.

So from now on, just do that:

If you are talking to a friend on the phone, give all your attention to them, they will be pleased for sure.
In case you are reading your emails and organizing your inbox, just do that and get it over with.
If you are applying to jobs online, concentrate on that and only that!


2- Free your space to free your (productive) mind.

Whether you are working at home or somewhere else, try having your desk free of any distractions like food or novels or mirrors or makeup or anything else. Just have the items you NEED to work.

I have a desk in my room, which is full of all the distractive stuff. I have my favorite books there, a mirror, makeup, perfumes, combs, nail polishes and god knows what else.

And I have another desk in my living room with just my laptop. If you only have one desk, try to put all your distractive stuff in drawers or in another room. It is much easier to be able to concentrate on work if you do not have all these stuffs around you. For me, it worked! It will for you too.

Oh and please just put your phone (and Facebook) away until you finish. Tell your friends you were chatting with that you have work to complete and that you will talk to them later. And stop watching cat videos while you work!


3- Just organize that inbox already.

I used to always ALWAYS have like 16453 messages. My inbox was a total mess. I remember my boyfriend telling me (someday Gmail itself is going to send you an email begging you to clear up your inbox). If you are like me, here is the solution:

• Take 5 to 10 minutes a day to check your emails, instead of just leaving that inbox open on a tab and going back to it every hour.
• Take some time to archive the emails you do not need any more and delete the ones you do not want to see.
• UNSUBSCRIBE from the newsletters you do not want to receive emails from anymore. It will save you so much time not having to open and delete their emails every time they send them to you.
• If you are writing an email, make sure you are doing only that.

Keeping these, really simple habits will make you so much more productive, and will leave you so much time to do the important things.


4- Set headlines and rewards.

Set clear headlines and rewards right after.

That reward could involve doing something you like Netflix and chill (yay!). You can spend time petting your cat or dog, calling your lover, eating some food you like. Yes, Anything that makes you happy.

I used to go watch a series whenever I was done with the articles I had to write that day. It was rewarding and it felt like it, really.

When I just sat there watching series when I knew I had so much work to do, it was frustrating just thinking about it.

So, let us remember the important points that will make you be more productive. Even if you are as lazy as I am.


Quit multitasking.
Organize your inbox.
Free your working space.
Set headlines and rewards.


I hope this article will help with your productivity. If you have any thoughts or additional productivity tips, feel free to put them in the comment section. I will be happy to interact with you.

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