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  • Content writer for your website, blog, magazine, application, ebook, essay… I am here to produce the best articles for you!
  • Translator (French, English, Arabic), I am here to provide you with the best translations you can get when it comes to theseĀ  three languages.
  • Community manager, rebranding your online business, market your products online or make your content marketing strategy

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Content Writing:

Creative Article writer and translator, available to make your project reach its full potential ! One time, I took a personality test and guess what the results said. I had the same personality as Shakespeare, Poe, Camus, Rowling and may other writers…


It made me realiseĀ  why I loved writing so much. I express feelings & thoughts much better when I write them. I do all kinds of writing : creative writing, content writing, articles, transcriptions, copy-writing.. If you need a creative/original piece, you are on the right profile !


Here is what I can offer you:

  1. Perfect Grammar & Spelling.
  2. SEO techniques.
  3. 100% Original texts (Checked for Plagiarism before submission).
  4. Fast Deliveries.
  5. Systematic Proofreading : No errors of any kind.
  6. Adding the right Pictures if not provided.
  7. Easy to communicate with & Realiable.



Some of my clients decide to pay me based on an hourly rate. Others will prefer a rate per word.

  • My hourly rate is 20$ per hour. I will need one hour to write a 400 words text.
  • My rate per word is 0.05$ per word.



My other domain of expertise is Translation, I can translate all type of articles in :

  • Arabic<=>French
  • French<=>English
  • English<=>Arabic

The texts I translate are all 100% free of errors and plagiarism. I use many plagiarism checkers to verify them.

You can check the Tools & Ressources page to know which ones I use.



I can also do Transcriptions either in the same language as the audio file or transcriptions and translations at the same time. This means that I can listen to an audio file in English for example and transcribe it in French.



My price per minute for a transcription is 2$/minute.

So, for a 60 minute audio file, my price would be 120$.

Sometimes, the price could vary if the audio file has a really bad quality or if there are too many people talking. But the price above is my regular price when it comes to podcast or interviews.



As a holder of a master degree in Marketing and Communication, I can be the architect behind your marketing strategy. Moreover, I can manage your brand content strategy, launch your product and so much more. I will also market your brand and write content for your blog or website using SEO techniques.

My price for marketing projects will vary according to the nature of the project and the number of hours I will need to work on it.



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Looking forward to a great working relationship with you!



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